Welcome to my personal website. Let me briefly introduce myself: I am a Brno-based translator (ENG, GER - CZE, SLO), author of books and articles, genealogist. I love languages and comparative linguistics, history and search for ancestors, nutrition and health, economics and finance (yes, I am an economist by education). I wrote thousands of articles in Czech (and some other) media, usually on economics/finance, health and nutrition, and three books - Cultured Vegetables for Health and Vitality (in Czech, ANAG 2008), Geniuses on the Doorstep of New Medicine (in Czech, ANAG 2013) and Who we are and where we come from? Unsuspected connections of the search for ancestors (in Czech, ANAG 2016 - published just before Christmas 2016).
What you may like to use on my website even if you do not speak Czech: DICTIONARIES, QUOTESINTERESTING LINKS to international media/newspapers, financial sites, nutrition and health related sites, travelling links, weather, genealogy and more. 
I started this site in 2013, therefore: More to come, to be added, translated, updated. 
You can reach me via any of the e-mails shown in the CONTACT section.
For MY DETAILED TRANSLATOR PROFILE and resume in English click here. (Deutsch: hier).
My profiles at other sites (some may be a bit outdated): My translator profiles in English at ProZ and TranslatorsCafé also contain some info for translation agencies and direct translation customers. My LinkedIn profile, my Xing profile, my Viadeo profile, and my SunZu profile in English.

Karel MACHALA, 2016